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I'm Danielle. (my real tumblr is dunghillx) I decided to focus my attention on something productive this summer. Feel free to join me and enjoy the ride that this choice will take me on!

Just a heads up, I took a bunch of pictures off of tumblr before I made this blog for my own inspiration, but some of these pictures aren't mine. Sorry if I stole them! I will gladly credit you if it's an issue.

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who doesn’t love a little celebrity inspiration? ;)
and…eye candy.. 

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hey guys!
how’s your summer going? (i realize some of you are still in school)
but how’s the workouts going?!?!
tell me what you’re up to!
we can motivate each other :D

i’ve been trying to get in the swing of things, i told myself that monday is a good day to start a workout routine cause it’s the beginning of the week, well i missed last week due to work. but this week, i have all week off… so i started working out today.
went on a 2.7 mile bike ride, wooo. now my legs feel like jelly. ;)

anyways, tell me what you guys want to see more of or anything. i need to start doing this blog again ha. :)


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